The Company

A competent team to serve Clients in every step of the project, solid experts to support Clients of any industry, and a valuable network located in key areas of the market.


They guarantee a correct set up of the growth and innovation project. Project Managers, Business Experts, and Innovators are available to recommend the best path and framework to expand your business and improve results.


A network of experts in various disciplines that integrate the skills necessary to achieve the objectives of the customer. Their contribution is crucial in determining customer needs in specific aspects, such as procedural and regulatory.



Members of a business ecosystem located on two sides of the ocean work co-operatively and competitively in partnership to support new products, satisfy customer needs, and incorporate the next round of innovations.


Our Beliefs


The implementation of the project is guided by the consideration of value for the customer. A cyclic process of defining intermediate targets, step-by-step implementations, and feedback analysis generates a fundamental value to be used in the successive steps of growth.


It is essential to establish a constant communication channel within the team. Through the step-by-step implementation we improve the control of the project, and the continuous feedback generates know-how that is the patrimony of the Customer.

Apadtive Planning

The step-by-step approach allows to be effective from the preliminary phases, avoiding useless activities. Continuous feedback makes it possible to identify what is truly worthwhile, and these inputs become invaluable for redefining priorities and rescheduling the work plan.

Best People

LINKPRO provides the best resources on the project. The Client can count on a result-oriented team and the team’s satisfaction is based on the success of every single step of business development.